Rebel Patch Company

Rebel Patch Company, is your one stop shop for your dye-sublimated shirts, challenge coins, enamel pin, and embroidered patch needs.  Locally owned in Florida, this father and son rebel team will work hard to give you a great product.  We have options if you are in a rush, or to save some money if you don't mind waiting.  In our store you will find some standard price items, but email us with any items you may want. 

We are now offering a full line of custom items including dye-sublimated shirts with low minimums. 

For any custom items email us at

Why Choose Us?

The rebels here at Rebel Patch Company were tired of trying to find a trustworthy source to get custom patches, pins and shirts for the activities we do.  What was worse was always having to buy hundreds at a time when we needed far lower quantities.  So what did we do?  We did was what rebels do—we rebelled.  Our rebellion is for your benefit, so let us help you get the best prices we have found for your patches, pins, shirts and challenge coins.  

About Us

Kevin Erickson


The Rebels are a father and son team who just wanted a fair price and reasonable quantity of patches for special events and challenges.  That is when Kevin's son came up with the idea of helping everyone else get the best possible price on the patches and everything else we get for ourselves.  Here is Asher's idea come to life because this is What Rebels Do.